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Melodi Grand Prix 2018: Alexander Rybak Vocals Shine In Incredibly Catchy “That’s How You Write A Song”!

alexander rybak thats how you write a song

In this series of blogs, I have been taking a look at some of the songs that will be taking part in Melodi Grand Prix 2018, and today, I will be taking a look at “That’s How You Write A Song” by Alexander Rybak!

For me, this song features a range of incredibly catchy lyrics, which will honestly get stuck inside your head from the very listen. So when you find yourself randomly singing this out loud, you can’t say I did not give you a heads up!

The melody of the song also accompanies the lyrics extremely well, and you may find yourself not only singing along to this from the very first listen, but also dancing along.

I also believe that this song really shows Alexander’s musical style really well, and really gives him a chance to showcase his amazing vocals.

Overall, I really do love this song, and believe that this will be one to keep an eye on in the contest. Best of luck Alexander!

You can check out “That’s How You Write A Song” below.

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