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Review: Taylor Swift Drops Stunning New Song “Call It What You Want”!

Taylor swift call it what you want review
Photo: Taylor Swift “Call It What You Want” Lyric Video.

With only a week till the release of Taylor Swift’s newest album ‘Reputation’ (*Tries not to freak out with excitement*). Taylor Swift has released the next song to be featured on the album called “Call It What You Want”.

For me. This is the Taylor Swift song I did’t know I needed in my life. The lyrics have such a emotional meaning behind them, and I started falling in love with it from the first few seconds of listening.

The song also features the makings of the rebirth of “Love Story”. But this time she does not need Romeo to save her.

I think you could easily connect so many emotions behind this song. However, one thing that stands out for me is this. There is such a powerful & emotional feel behind the lyrics, and I believe that Taylor has created a song that so many of us can in some way relate with.

Taylor’s brand new album ‘Reputation’ will be released on the 10th November, but until then you can check out the lyrics video for “Call It What You Want” below.

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