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5 Songs From 2017 That Have Been Truly Inspiring!

5 inspirational songs from 2017

I doubt I am alone in thinking that 2017 has been full of some amazing and inspiring songs. So I thought I would share with you, some of the songs that have really inspired me this year.

At some point in our lives, we are all going to need a bit of inspiration, and this year it seems that I need it more than ever. One thing I find helps to inspire me is music, and I find listening to certain songs can really help make you feel better, and really inspire you. So I thought I would share with you, 5 songs that have really helped to inspire me this year.

Now, there is so many songs I could feature on this list (I probaly will be making more than one list), but this is just 5 of my most inspiring songs from 2017 so far.

Chloe Adams – Pretty’s On The Inside

Even though this song is a very new release. “Pretty’s On The Inside” has already made an inspirational impact.

With it’s very heart touching lyrics. This song helps spread a very powerful message, and focuses on the issue of self-doubt & low confidence.

For me, this song is a really inspiring, and actually brought a tear to my eye when I first heard it.

Beth Crowley – I Am Not Nothing

If you have heard any of Beth’s  songs, you will know how inspiring her music can be. However, this song has such a deep and emotional meaning, that I believe it is going to inspire so many people.

Like i’ve said. Beth’s music always speaks on so many levels, and you can’t help but love her music. Take it from me. This song is one you really need to hear.

Rachel Platten – Broken Glass

If you are looking for a song that can inspire you, while dancing along. Then this is 100% a song you are going to want to check out.

Rachel always brings pure emotion with her music, and “Broken Glass” is no acception. This song has such inspiration and emotion behind it, and you honestly can’t help but feel so inspired by it.

This song speaks about breaking boundries, and even though you may have been knocked down, you can keep on going. This for me is very inspirational.

Lights – Giants

Lights has to be one of the most original and creative musicians going. With amazing songs, and very creative videos, what’s there not to love?

Lights has a range of inspiring songs to her names. However, “Giants” has been such an inspiring song for me over the last few months, and I owe Lights a great deal.

Samantha Harvey – Forgive Forget

Samantha Harvey has such a unique & emotional voice, and her vocal talents really show on “Forgive Forget”.

The song speaks on so many emotional levels, and I believe we all connect this to a certain time in our lives.

Another factor to this song is that you can find so many emotional meanings behind it, and that for me is really inspiring.

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