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Review: Chloe Adams releases magically beautiful “Pretty’s On The Inside”!

Chloe Adams Prettys On The Inside

Chloe Adams has brought us some stunning songs, including “The Doctor Says” & “Never Been Kissed”, and now she has another magical song for her already stunning music repertoire called “Pretty’s On The Inside”.

The song “Pretty’s On The Inside” features some incredibly beautiful and heart touching lyrics. You will honestly find yourself with a tear in your eye after listening to this song. Believe me, I did.

This song can connect to so many people, and features a very strong message. You will find yourself wanting to keep listening to this over & over again (I think that is the same with any of Chloe’s songs).

If the emotion of the lyrics wasn’t already more than enough for you to love this song. Chloe’s unique and beautiful voice also adds more emotion to the lyrics, and suits the song perfectly.

Chloe should be so incredibly proud of this song. It really shows what a true star she is, and you know that there is a massive career ahead for her.

You can check out the video for “Pretty’s On The Inside” below.