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Review: Are You “Ready For It?” Taylor Swift Drops New Track In Build Up For “Reputation”!

Taylor Swift Ready For It Review
Photo: Taylor Swift “Ready For It?” Audio YouTube.

With the recent success of “Look What You Made Me Do”. Taylor Swift has got all excited for the up-coming release of her album “Reputation”, and now she has released the audio for the next track to feature on the album “Ready For It?”.

Well we can 100% answer you Taylor. Are we ready for it? Yes, Yes, Yes!

For me, I love the song. Yes, it is 100% not what I was expecting, but I think we all know that with this album, you need to be ready for something you don’t expect.

The song will have you wanting to keep clicking that repeat button (That’s my day sorted!), and even though it is something different to what we hear from Taylor, I believe it really suits her voice, and I am honestly loving it. I really can’t wait to hear what is next from the album.

If you did not already know. “Reputation” is set to be released 10th November 2017.

You can listen to “Ready For It?” below.

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