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Review: Fifth Harmony Drops Amazing New Self-titled Album ‘Fifth Harmony’!


Fifth Harmony Self-titled album 2017

Scream at the top of your voice, cause the wait is finally over. Fifth Harmony has released their brand new self-titled album, and I doubt I am alone in saying, it was 100% worth the wait!

Now, if you don’t know me their is something you should know. I am not a very patient person, so the wait for Fifth Harmony’s new album has been driving me crazy!

However, as the saying goes “Good things come to those who wait”, and in this case that is certainly true.

For me, the album “Fifth Harmony” really helps to show Fifth Harmony for the artists that they are, and gives you a chance to see the way that they want to progress with their music in the future.

There are so many great songs to feature on this album, with some of my personal favourites being “Don’t Say You Love Me”, “Angel”, & “Bridges”. Their is such a variety of emotion on this album, and there is certainly a song for everyone to enjoy.

With lyrics like “I believe every woman is a fighter”, it is not hard to see why “Bridges” is one of my favourite songs from the album, and one of my favourite songs from the group, overall.

Like i’ve said, for me this a very strong album from Fifth Harmony, and it’s not hard to see why so many people have already fallen in love with this album. So a massive shout out to Fifth Harmony for this album, you should be proud!

You can check out “Fifth Harmony” below. Enjoy!

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