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Need Inspiration? Check Out These 5 Songs That Will Help Inspire You!

Inspirational songs

Music can be such an amazing thing. With inspirational lyrics, and a melody we can just escape from reality for a moment from, it’s no wonder why music can sometimes be the best thing when we need a confidence boost, or a little bit of inspiration.

So today I thought I would share with you guys, 5 songs that have helped to inspire me in some way or another, and I hope they can do the same for you.

Katy Perry – Roar

When American popstar Katy Perry released “Roar” a few years ago, the world fell in love with it straight away, and it’s not hard to see why.

With very catchy inspirational filled lyrics, this song really helped me when I was at most lowest moments, by giving me the inspiration not to give up and keep going for my dreams, no matter what people say.

Mélanie René – Time To Shine

‘Cause I’m living my dreams, I’ve never been so alive, The sky’s the limit now that I know I can fly…’. With lyrics like these, it’s very easy to see why this song helped to inspire me.

This song came from the very talented Mélanie René, and really helped me to see that you have to taken every chance you are given, and inspired me to carry on blogging when I wanted to quit a number of years ago (True story!).

Beth Crowley – Warrior

If you have not heard of Beth Crowley, then you are in for a real treat with this song.

The passionate and inspirational meaning behind “Warrior” is enough to bring tears to the eyes of anyone. This song has inspired me at a number of points, and I doubt I am the only one to be saying that.

Lights – Giants

When Lights released “Giants” not very long ago, it became one of my favourite songs from 2017 so far, and even though this song was only released not lnog ago, it has already helped to inspire me.

‘I don’t wanna be the one you can push by, At the back of the room….’. I think we have all felt like saying that to a few people in our lives, and for some reason this song makes me inspired whenever I listen to it.

Molly Sandén – Phoenix

Molly is such a unique and talented artist, that you honestly can’t help but fall in love with her music.

She has released a number of inspiring songs over the years, including “Phoenix”, which helps to inspire you with lyrics such as ‘Hit me one more time, One, two, three, just give me more, ‘Cause with every strike, I’ll be stronger than before’, It helps you to see that you are not alone, and you are stronger than you think.


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