Review: Samantha Harvey Releases Official Video For “Forgive Forget”!

Photo: Samantha Harvey “Forgive Forget” Official Video.

The very talented Samantha Harvey has released the official video for “Forgive Forget”, and this is a song you are going to want to 100% want to check out.

Have you ever heard a song that connects to you so much, it almost makes you almost overcome with emotion? Well, that song for me is definitely “Forgive Forget”.

The lyrics have such passion behind them, and I honestly don’t think I will be the only one who can connect so deeply with them. What Samantha has done here is truly amazing.

The official video suits the tone of the song perfectly well, and all I really have to say is that this song is absolutely amazing, and Samantha has such a huge career ahead of her.

You can (and should) check out “Forgive Forget” below.

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