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Reviewing The 6 Songs From Eurovision: You Decide!

Photo: BBC Eurovision

Like many Eurovision fans I have been very excited to hear the six songs and artist who will be competing for the chance to represent the United Kingdom in this year’s Eurovision Song Contest. And well, it is safe to say I am far from disappointed.

I will be doing something a little different today, and instead of mentioning my favourites will be reviewing all 6 songs.

Olivia Garcia – Freedom Hearts

This girl has such a unique and beautiful voice, and in my personal opinion the song really suits her perfectly.

The song has a catchy beat to it, and within a few seconds I knew it was going to be a song I would be singing along to in not time. Certainly going to be one to watch!

Holly Brewer – I Wish I loved You More

For me, I love the way song slowly builds into the chorus, certainly a very catchy song. Holly has such a powerful voice, that just shines through the song.

Could this be a winner? Certainly not ruling it out!

Lucie Jones – Never Give Up On You

I was very excited to see Lucie taking part this year, I was a big fan of hers on X Factor, so to see her take part in the selection is really exciting for me.

In all honesty I was totally mesmerised by the tones of Lucie’s vocals. Her beautiful voice just shines through the heart touching lyrics of the song.

I personally think this song could win the selection.

Danyal Johnson – Light Up The World

To be honest, the song is not bad, and quite catchy. However, for me it just isn’t one of my favourites from this selection.

The song suits Danyal really well. However, maybe it could be a song when seen performed life will stand out more.

Salena Mastroianni – I Don’t Wanna Fight

For me this song is just wow, wow, wow, WOW!

The melody and lyrics are just incredibly catchy, and had me dancing along straight away. Fyi I was walking down the street when I heard this, so I got a few looks. Must have been my amazing dance moves….

Salena has such an amazing voice, and it suits the song perfectly. Definitely in the running to win the selection.

Nate Simpson – What Are We Made Of?

Nate has such a fantastic voice that no one could deny. And with this song, it for me is a match made in heaven.

For me it is one of those songs you can just listen to all day, as it has such a sweet melody to it.

Overall, for me this is a really good selection. And I am very excited to see who will be selected to represent the UK in Eurovision this year.

You can check out all six songs by clicking here.

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