UMK 17: Favourite Five Songs From UMK 17 & Reviews!


Yesterday, the 10 songs which will be taking part in UMK 17, which is the Finnish selection for the Eurovision Song Contest 2017. And most of the songs are brilliant!

I will be bringing you the reviews for my favourite five songs from UMK17. This is my personal opinions of the song and not in any order, I hope you enjoy!

ZÜHLKE: “Perfect Villain”

This song is actually really, really, really, really, really (Did I say really?) catchy! The lyrics really do get you singing along from the very first listen. One of my favourite lyrics from the song is “What would the X-Men do, if they came to the rescue”. Wishing  ZÜHLKE lots of luck!

ANNI SAIKKU: “Reach Out For The Sun”

Well……. this song is just simply beautiful, there’s not really much to add to that. Anni’s voice is just simply lovely and sweet, and the song just suits her amazingly well. One of my favourite lyrics from the song is “For the first time you can see the truth, The light that shines the brightest in you”. I really do wish Anni all the best in UMK, with such an amazing song & voice like this, she’s going to go far!

ALVA – “Arrows”

Wow, wow, wow, wow, wow, WOW! This song is just incredible!!!!

Alva has such a beautiful voice, with a lovely tone, and “Arrows” suits her voice so well. One of my favourite lyrics from the song was “I’m undone tonight, feelings come to life, things I have to say, before I burn alive”. The combo of Alva’ voice and “Arrows” is just breathtaking, they work so well together, that this song, and Alva is going to go far!

EMMA – “Circle Of Light”

Such a catchy song that you really can’t help but dance along with!

Emma has such a lovely voice, and “Circle Of Light” is incredibly catchy with lyrics like “The wolves are coming for us, but let us pretend, we will be alright” & “We are sorrow and pain, but let us pretend, we will never die” it will have you singing along in no time. Best of luck Emma!

MY FIRST BAND – “Paradise”

A really catchy song, matched with a brilliant voice. “Paradise” is 100% going to be one of the songs to watch!

“Paradise” has a very harmonizing melody to it that you can’t help but dance along with. The lyrics are very catchy and will have you singing along to it in no time.