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REVIEW: Cooper Phillip & Durand Bernarr Collab On The Empowering New Single “THE ANSWERS”!

Los Angeles-based singer-songwriter Cooper Phillip joins forces alongside powerhouse vocalist & songwriter Durand Bernarr on the ear-catching new single “THE ANSWERS”!

This latest release centres around trusting our natural instincts even when we find ourselves in the darkest of times. It comprises an empowering message of how looking deep inside can help you find “the answers” you are searching for.

The song carries a vibrantly drawing soundscape full of animated synths & charismatically expressing tones to produce an attention-grabbing sound that hits with every note.

Cooper & Durand’s vocals blend beautifully to create an immensely drawing sound that highlights the powerfully exuding individuality of their powerful vocals.

You can check out the official video of “THE ANSWERS” below & listen on more platforms here.

Cooper Phillip: Website / Instagram / Facebook / Twitter.

Durand Bernarr: Website / Instagram / Facebook / Twitter.

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