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REVIEW: Caitlin Mae Releases The Heartfelt Country Single “Seasons Change”!

UK country songstress Caitlin Mae has swiftly caught the attention of global listeners through a variety of ear-catching releases that have received admiration from critics & fans alike.

Following the recent success of “Fiona”, Caitlin unveils the brand new single “Seasons Change”, which shares the same as the upcoming EP.

This latest release centres around a story of lost friendship through the nostalgic reflection on how your chapter together began to the final paragraph of the journey ending.

Speaking about the new single, Caitlin said ““Seasons Change” was born of the realization that nothing ever stays the same, sands shift, tides turn, and we have to experience the lows every once and a while to truly appreciate the highs. Growing up, I thought of my best friend as my platonic soulmate, my ride-or-die, but that was never meant to be my story. I think we were always destined to be but a chapter in each other’s lives from the start.”

The song carries a country-influenced soundscape that plays host to a versatile lyrical core that exudes a range of relatable & heartfelt lyrics that hit on an influential level.

Caitlin produces an emotionally gripping performance that highlights the unique characteristic undertones within her angelic vocals & reflects the spirited lyrics within this stellar composition.

Throughout this song, we hear Caitlin’s emotional creativity shine through to produce something that instantly pulls on your heartstrings. Caitlin is a natural superstar in the making & there are so many incredible things ahead of this truly phenomenal artist.

You can check out “Seasons Change” on Spotify below or listen on more platforms here.

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