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REVIEW: Serena Z Releases The Electronic Single “The Chase”!

Highly acclaimed musical luminary Serena Z is making her presence felt within the music scene through her striking style of electrifying violin & boldly passionate vocals.

Now, this gifted artist brings the brand new single “The Chase” that highlights the emotionally expressive lyrical creativity & innovativeness Serena possesses.

This latest single features a passionately animated dubstep-electronic vibe that carries a notion of pop elements to create an immense sound that harbours the lyrical heart of this composition.

Serena produces a performance that highlights the sheer intensity of her incredible vocals & accentuates the powerful tones her dynamic harmonies possess.

The song perfectly shows the spirited factor of Serena’s musical originality & divulges the incredible vocal complexity that this gifted musician retains.

You can check out “The Chase” on Spotify below or via further platforms here.

Serena Z: Website / Facebook / Twitter / Instagram / TikTok.

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