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REVIEW: Cat Janice Empowers Listeners To “Chill the fck out” With Her New Single!

Following her recent battle with cancer, Northern Virginia singer-songwriter Cat Janice has unveiled her brand new single, “Chill the fck out”, which stems from the overwhelming feeling of being stressed out & burning the candle at both ends.

Speaking about the new single, Cat said “I would say to myself “chill the fck out” when I would stress about work or school. Then I finished the song while I was starting chemo and I would be stressed about going into that chapter of my life. “Chill the fck out” kind of became my mantra for getting through that time.”

This latest alt-pop release encourages listeners to stop overthinking & take moments to take a timeout. The song features a groovy ear-catching melody that will have you dancing along instantly.

Throughout this song, listeners will be able to hear Cat deliver a passionate performance that echoes the expressive vibrancy of this song & showcase the natural charismatic energy that features deep within her empowering vocals.

In my words, I honestly believe that Cat is a lyrically innovative artist with an extraordinary voice that can leave a long-lasting impression on listeners. An artist I would highly recommend for sure!

You can check out “Chill the fck out” on Spotify below or via further platforms here.

Cat Janice: Facebook / Twitter / Instagram / TikTok.

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