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REVIEW: Hanne Mjøen Releases The Brand New EP “Fall In Love / Apart”!

Norweigan alt-pop singer-songwriter Hanne Mjøen has caught the attention of global listeners through powerfully creating music that makes you want to dance, with lyrics that make you want to cry.

Hanne has now unveiled the brand new 5-track EP “Fall In Love / Apart”, which guides listeners through a lyrically drawing journey full of intoxicating sound coated in raw edge.

In this highly-anticipated new chapter, Hanne describes the stages & struggles you go through within a relationship. This is Hanne’s journey to find the strength to say things how it is.

Each song provides listeners with a new outlook on love & loss while providing a narrative of life that many listeners can relate to on a personal level.

There is a musical variety within this EP that range from pounding basslines & soaring synthesizers to emotionally gripping alt-pop compositions that will have you instantly drawn.

Throughout this EP, Hanne delivers a notable notion of compelling vocal performances, which draw deep from personally communing depths that creates a binding connection that listeners can find solace within.

You can check out the full EP on Spotify below or via further platforms here.

Hanne Mjøen: Website / Facebook / Twitter / Instagram / TikTok.

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