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REVIEW: Katrina Cain Releases The Brand New Single “Independence Day”!

Vocally acclaimed NBC’S The Voice alumni Katrina Cain has released the emotionally inspiring brand new single “Independence Day”.

Written by Katrina, mixed by Andrew McMillan, & mastered by Justin Perkins, this latest release explores the journey of self-discovery & what it means to truly belong to yourself.

Accompanied by an acoustic guitar, the track features a tentative soundscape that paves the way for Katrina to deliver a delicately drawing performance, which highlights the emotional elements within her ear-catching vocals.

The song contains a sensuous summer vibe that symbolises the wholesome side of walking away from something (or someone) that kept you in the cold shadows. Each verse harnesses a variety of emotions that are experienced throughout the ever-evolving journey of self-discovery & how it feels to live a continuous lie, which many listeners will be able to connect with on a deeply personal level.

Katrina has delivered a sentimentally moving anthem that highlights the innovatively creative artistry that she possesses & showcases the beautifully dynamic tones within her exceptional vocals. A true statement for any artist.

You can check out “Independence Day” on Spotify below or on further platforms here.

Katrina Cain: Website / Facebook / Instagram.

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