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REVIEW: Kamille Releases The Powerfully Emotional New Single “Learning”!

BRIT Award-winning singer-songwriter & producer Kamille has unveiled the powerfully emotional new single “Learning”!

This latest self-produced single is a vulnerably raw insight into the route of self-discovery that we experience while on the journey of confidence & self-love.

Throughout this song, listeners are able to embark through a host of honest & driving lyrical experiences that create an in-depth sense of engagement for the duration of this masterfully compelling release.

Kamille delivers a heartfelt vocal performance that beautifully echoes the lyrical heart of this deeply moving musical composition & creates a natural sense of concentration that listeners can find solace within.

One of the main things I love about this song is how Kamille takes an insightful look into the multiple layers of emotions experienced when on the journey of rediscovering yourself. It’s not only about finding the parts of ourself’s we thought we lost on the way. It’s also about discovering new pieces of ourselves we never had before.

Overall, I believe that song showcases the sentimentally compelling factors of Kamille’s artistically creative musical talent & can see this song creating a lasting impression on listeners for years to come. A high song recommendation for sure!

You can check out “Learning” on Spotify below or via further music platforms here.

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