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REVIEW: Danni Nicholls Releases The Powerful New Single “Little Fictions”!

Characteristic singer-songwriter Danni Nicholls has recently unveiled the passion-driven new single “Little Fictions”.

Co-written alongside Rebekah Powell, this single was born from a persistent, niggling feeling of doubt & is an acknowledgement of the anxiety-inducing voices in our heads that try to take us down.

This song features a sentimentally engrossing multi-genre influenced instrumental that carries across the creatively endearing lyrical elements of this emotionally moving musical piece.

Danni delivers an expressive vocal performance that elevates the raw power within this gifted artist’s vocals & enhances the emotional aspect of this song both figuratively & literally.

I believe that Danni possesses a musical talent that has the ability to enlighten listeners on a profound level & guide audiences through a remarkable lyrical storytelling experience through each distinguishable track.

You can check out “Little Fictions” on Spotify below or via further platforms right here.

Danni Nicholls: Facebook / Instagram / Twitter.

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