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REVIEW: Elizabeth Gerardi Releases The Brand New Single “Young Love & Old Money”!

Following on from the enormous success of the highly acclaimed single “1960”, singer-songwriter Elizabeth Gerardi is kicking off her first release of 2022 with the stirring single “Young Love & Old Money”!

Quoted from the official video, Elizabeth says “Young Love & Old Money was written from the perspective of Daisy Buchanan in the Great Gatsby. Often when people analyze the novel or use it to inspire their art, they are looking at Gatsby himself, but Daisy is one of the most complex characters and I was really intrigued by telling the story from her perspective.”

“I’ve read the novel multiple times and feel I know the characters intimately and am so proud of the lyrics I wrote for this song. The ultimate question is did Daisy ever love Gatsby? This song tells Daisy’s story as she falls in love with Gatsby, in spite of her parents, but eventually succumbs to her greed and her love of money triumphs. We realize she is no better than the mother who tells her “A rich man’s jokes are always funny” and her father who “values the name more than the man”.

“Daisy begins saying Gatsby “tastes like wealth” despite his lower-class background, which is her way of saying he tastes like the most important thing in the world, but eventually she comes to the conclusion that some things just could never work together, like young love, and old money.”

This latest release features an emotionally engrossing instrumental that carries a host of pop & country elements, which curate together to create a naturally impacting effect on listeners.

Elizabeth provides a passion-driven performance throughout that beautifully echoes the storytelling artistry of this ear-catching composition & highlights the creative nature & spirited vocals she retains.

This song drives deep from the lyrical heart that it possesses, which enables listeners to encounter a naturally drawn-out moving experience for the entire duration of this compelling three & half minute journey.

You can check out “Young Love & Old Money” on Spotify below or via Apple Music here.

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