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Review: Shannon Hynes Set To Release The Heartbreak Anthem “WOMAN’S SCORN”!

Independent Welsh singer-songwriter Shannon Hynes has continuously caught the attention of music lovers everywhere with her uniquely compelling musical artistry & passion-filled vocals.

Now, Shannon looks to grasp the attention of listeners once again, with the future heartbreak anthem “WOMAN’S SCORN” upon its release on Friday the 26th of November.

Speaking about her forthcoming single, Shannon said “this is the emotion that comes after heartbreak for me, anger, it generally always comes out in a song, you can play any character in a song, as WOMAN’S SCORN demonstrates.”

This upcoming single features a vastly enticing country-rock instrumental that features a number of heavy electric guitars componenets to create a stand-out melody that captures your instant attention.

Shannon delivers a power-house vocal performance that echoes the coarse power that flows throughout this composition & showcases the pure strength within her naturally prevailing voice.

You can pre-save “WOMAN’S SCORN” by clicking here.

Shannon Hynes: Website / Facebook / Twitter / Instagram.

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