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Review: Jazz Mino Delivers Heartfelt Emotion On The Debut EP ‘Someone Else To Talk To’!

Singer-songwriter Jazz Mino embarks on a journey of personal exploration through her debut EP ‘Someone Else To Talk To’!

This four-track EP dives deep into a variety of personally heartfelt emotions that come from a place of loneliness, insecurity, & embarking on the course of moving on.

Each track represents a distinctive element of Jazz’s individually sounding musical style that infuses components of electro-pop & enticingly catchy synth melodies to create a musical impact that has the ability to generate monumental waves amongst the global music scene.

With each song, listeners are introduced to an innovative side of Jazz’s songwriting artistry that allows you to feel a natural connection throughout this attention-grabbing EP.

Jazz delivers a variety of sentimental & compelling vocal performances that beautifully echo the raw emotion that centres at the heart of this latest release.

You can check out ‘Someone Else To Talk To’ on Spotify below or via Apple music by clicking here.

Jazz Mino: Website / Facebook / Twitter / Instagram.

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