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Review: Tay Temple Releases The Brand New Single “What I Need”!

Emerging UK singer-songwriter Tay Temple aims to inspire listeners through her emotionally tantalising lyrical storytelling & passion-filled vocal talent.

Following on from the recent success of her latest single “Train”, Tay looks to capture the hearts of music aficionados once more with the brand new track “What I Need”.

Speaking about her latest release, Tay said “I realised that I was constantly putting my feelings and needs second to people who frankly didn’t deserve the energy I was giving them. I was terrified to stand up for myself because I was convinced that having someone was better than being alone which couldn’t be more wrong. ‘What I Need’ reminds me that sometimes you have to be selfish and that its okay but also that being alone is powerful, knowing how to pick yourself up is powerful, loving yourself is powerful. I’m hoping that this track will help those who are struggling in the same way writing and performing ‘What I Need’ has helped me- We All Heal Our Own Way.”

This latest release showcases a new side to Tay’s ever-evolving musical style by featuring a variety of darker components compared to her previous releases.

The song features a hard-hitting chorus that is surrounded by an ear-catching musical instrumental that draws deep the lyrical energy of this compelling musical piece.

Tay delivers a heartfelt performance that highlights the raw essence that flows throughout this song & brings the emotional energy behind the song to life.

You can check out “What I Need” on Spotify below.

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