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Review: Props Releases The New Single “I Don’t Mind”!

Upcoming musician Props is swiftly creating a name for himself amongst the music scene through his versatile musical style & charismatic vocals.

Following on from the recent success of his latest single “Domino”, Props looks set to capture the attention of the global audiences once again with his brand new track “I Don’t Mind”.

Speaking about his latest release, Props said “It’s about trying to be content when stuff keeps going wrong and taking a little R&R time when necessary. Most of my other songs are weird extrovert expressions of myself, but this one is much more honest, passive and blunt, like real-life me.”

This song plays host to a catchy indie-pop influenced musical instrumental that reflects the lyrical aspect of the song & showcases the unique styling that this gifted artist possesses.

I believe that this song highlights the natural tendencies within Props incomparable vocal range & features a distinctive tone that illuminates his artistic vision.

You can check out “I Don’t Mind” on Spotify below.

Props: Website / Facebook / Instagram.

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