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Review: Stina Talling Releases The Inspiring New Single “Elevate”!

Norweigan musician & YouTube star Stina Talling has been making waves within the current music scene with her vibrant musical styling, which has led to her receiving over 10 million streams on Spotify alone. 

Now, Stina is looking to make an impact on the music scene once more with the inspiring new single “Elevate”, which will also be competing in the first semi-final of Melodi Grand Prix 2021

This latest release is an uplifting pop number that features a variety of motivating lyrics that can unquestionably relate to each of us on a personal level. 

Stina delivers a movingly heartfelt vocal performance that beautifully reflects the pure delicacy within the lyrics, which offers listeners the opportunity to feel a natural connection from the very first listen. 

I believe that this song offers Stina a golden opportunity to showcase the raw & emotive side behind her musical style, & I would not be surprised if we see this song creating an impression on the music scene in the near future. 

You can check out “Elevate” on Spotify below.

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