10 Music Acts To Watch During 2021!

With the start of 2021 firmly upon us, there are a variety of talented musical artists/groups poised to be making their mark within the music industry during the forthcoming year.

In this post, I will be sharing with you ten musical acts that I believe you should be keeping an eye on during the next 12 months within the pop & country scene.

You can check out the ten acts I believe you should be looking out for during 2021 below. Enjoy!


New York-based Singer-songwriter Amsi has been creating waves within the music scene with her unique & energetic pop musical style that has swiftly been capturing the hearts from fans across the globe.

With ear-catching singles such as “Catch Me At The Top” & “Sweet Sugar Spice” to her name, along with a highly anticipated debut EP coming out later this year, Amsi is a name to be looking out for during the near future.

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Lesley Roy

Photo: Luca Truffarelli.

Irish pop-rock singer-songwriter Lesley Roy created a buzz during 2020 with her inspiring single “Story Of My Life”, which was going to be Ireland’s entry for the Eurovision Song Contest 2020.

With the COVID-19 pandemic leading to the cancellation of the 2020 contest, Lesley will now be waving the Irish flag during the 2021 edition of the competition & is looking to capture the hearts of the world once again with her ear-catching musical style.

I believe that Lesley is going to be a name to be keeping an eye on during the next few months.

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Chloe Adams

Chloe Adams is a British pop singer-songwriter who has been making waves within the music world with her inspiring & heartfelt musical style that has led to her acquiring a loyal worldwide fanbase.

With heart-touching singles such as “The Doctor Said”, “Pretty’s On The Inside” & “Jail Time” already to her name, there is no telling how far this incredibly gifted artist’s career will take her.

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Sisters Caitlin & Sidney aka Neoni are an American singer-songwriting duo who have been creating a variety of powerful & inspirational tracks that have found their way onto a number of TV series & promo videos through the last few years.

With incredible talented & powerful vocals on their side, I believe that we could be seeing some extraordinary things coming from this talented duo during 2021.

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Four Of Diamonds

British pop & R&B girl group Four Of Diamonds have been making waves since their formation on the thirteenth edition of The X Factor UK.

With a number of ear-catching track, incredible vocals & a creative musical style to their name, this talented collective is one group you will be wanting to be looking out for during the next 12 months.

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Jazz Mino

Alt-pop singer-songwriter Jazz Mino has been wowing audiences with her captivating musical creativity & ear-catching vocals, which has led to this gifted artist receiving high praise from many fans & publications during the last few years.

There is a captivating quality behind Jazz’s musical style that leads me to believe that this talented musician is going to be someone to keeping an eye during 2021.

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Louise Parker

Country-pop singer-songwriter Louise Parker has been making waves within the Country music scene with her passionately heartfelt musical style that has led to this sensational artist gaining high praise from many fans & publications alike.

Louise has a number of ear-catching tracks like “Lie To Me” & “Just Friends” already to her name, but I have a very strong feeling that we could be seeing some more amazing things coming from this gifted musician during the next year.

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Joey Clarkson

Canadian country-Americana singer-songwriter Joey Clarkson has been wowing listeners with her heartfelt musical releases, which connect with you on a deeply profound level.

From touching singles that leave you with an emotionally lasting impression, to ear-catching releases that you instantly want to dance to, Joey has an incredible musical resume that can easily capture your full attention.

With a captivating style & sublime angelic vocals, there is no telling what the future has in store for this musical genius.

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Tim Prottey-Jones

Country singer-songwriter Tim Prottey-Jones has worked on a variety of stunning musical releases during 2020, along with releasing his own phenomenal single “Bite The Bullet”.

I believe that Tim has a truly captivating voice & a distinctive songwriting ability that I know listeners will adore. It would not surprise me to see Tim creating a huge buzz during 2021.

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Becky Lawerence

Country singer-songwriter Becky Lawrence has been creating monumental waves within the music scene during 2020 with her uniquely phenomenal musical style, which led to her reaching the number 1 position on the UK Country iTunes chart.

Becky possesses a creative musical talent that has the power to connect with listeners across the globe & angelic voice that can instantly capture your full attention. I believe that there are some exciting opportunities awaiting this artist in the near future.

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