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Review: Joey Clarkson Releases The Moving Single “Can I Have This Dance?”

Canadian country-pop singer-songwriter Joey Clarkson has released the emotive new single titled “Can I Have This Dance?”.

Joey originally wrote this moving track for the father-daughter dance at her 2017 wedding & was performed for the first time at the reception as a surprise for her father.

Although the song going down as a hit with listeners alike at the reception, Joey’s father admitted to having a vague memory of the song due to becoming overcome with emotion.

Joey was due to play a showcase in May 2020 for Cashbox Caravan, as part of Canadian Music Week, Toronto. Her father had planned to fly across the country, from Courtenay to Toronto, to watch the gig before flying to London with her to spend time in her London home. Understandably, this trip – as well as Canada Music Week – was cancelled due to COVID-19, which triggered the songwriter’s decision to record the number remotely from lockdown.

Speaking about her latest release, Joey said “Dad didn’t know I had written our father-daughter dance song until the wedding band introduced it,” explained Joey. “We cried our way through the dance and I later learned he was so overwhelmed by the gesture that he couldn’t even remember the song. I did share the very tearful live-take I sent the wedding band to learn but I’ve never been able to physically play it for him live without breaking into tears.”

She continued, “This release is a complete surprise to my Dad, who can take apart a car engine or computer and put it back together again but can’t suss social media! It has been relatively easy to keep this secret from him, while still engaging my fan base, as he doesn’t have Twitter or Instagram accounts and I have been able to hide the posts from him on Facebook.”

This song is a moving ballad full of heartfelt & genuine emotion that instantly captures your full attention & creates a sincere sense of engagement from the very first listen.

The lyrical story presents Joey with the chance to deliver a raw & passionate vocal performance that highlights the angelic undertone behind her phenomenal voice.

I believe that Joey has created a beautiful musical piece that has the ability to stand the test of time & I would not be surprised to see this song creating a substantial impact on the music scene very soon.

You can check out “Can I Have This Dance?” on Spotify below.





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