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Review: Josey Releases The Brand New Single “Energy”!

Following on from the recent success oh her debut single “TMI”. Upcoming Nashville based soul-pop musician Josey has released the brand new follow-up single titled “Energy”!

Speaking about her latest release, Josey said “The song is about not having the energy for the bullshit. If it is no longer serving you, making you better, making you happy or making you money its not worth it!”

This single presents this gifted artist with the chance to showcase the ear-catching characteristics behind her incredible vocals, which enables listeners with the opportunity to see more from the artist behind the music.

The lyrics are full of individual essence that instantly captures your full attention & highlights the delicacy behind the vocals of this talented musical star.

I believe that Josey has delivered a powerful single that reflects her unique musical style & highlights the captivating elements behind her vocals. I would not be surprised to see this song creating a real buzz, very shortly.

You can check out “Energy” on Spotify below.





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