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Review: Notelle Releases The Brand New Single “Alive”!

Nashville based singer-songwriter Notelle has released the haunting new single titled “Alive”!

Speaking about her latest single Notelle said “There’s a point in hysteria where you begin to feel electrified. When you love someone who is pushing you to the brink of insanity, it has a way of making you feel more than you’ve ever felt prior. You experience every emotion, all at once, in such an alarming way.”

She continues “I wanted to explore that in this track. I’ve been in a situation before where someone was questioning my own perception of reality, telling me that my understanding of what was going on wasn’t accurate -lying to me, gaslighting me. It pushed me to an emotional breaking point that was totally new. It felt like I had shot up adrenaline and it was startling and liberating at the same time. Straddling the line between total madness and invigorating emotional depth, I realized that this was unbelievably toxic, yet I had never felt more alive.”

This latest release is an alternative dark-pop record, which features influences of electronic & indie elements that help to create a haunting & mesmerising track that instantly captures your full attention.

Notelle uses the emotive textures within her vocals to deliver a captivating performance that brings the gritty & raw elements behind the lyrics to life.

This song has presented this gifted artist with the chance to explore different areas of pop & create a piece that is hauntingly original & not easy to forget.

If you are searching for a nightmare-pop track that will have you instantly fascinated then this is the perfect record for you.

You can check out “Alive” on Spotify below.





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