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The Ultimate Relationship and Romantic Christmas Songs 2019 (Ft Never Settle)!

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With the winter sufficiently upon us, it’s time to cuddle up with some hot chocolate & a warm fluffy blanket, spend time with the ones we love, & breakout those Christmas tunes!

This time of year can be such a magical time to share with the people we love the most & a special someone who takes our breath away every time we see them, while for others the joy of Christmas can sometimes be dampened by the clouds of sadness of a broken heart.

For this post, I have teamed-up alongside Eve from the dating & lifestyle blog Never Settle to bring you some of our favourite romantic Christmas songs.

Eve is one of the sweetest bloggers I have come across & it was a real pleasure to have the chance to create another playlist with this kind-hearted person.

From songs dedicated to your true love to recovering from a broken heart, we have a song recommendation just for you. Enjoy!

For Your Crush

Jess Suggests: Underneath The Mistletoe – Sia

A song about wanting your crush to kiss you under the mistletoe, this feel-good mid-tempo track brings a warm feel-good vibe that you can’t help but love.

Eve Suggests: Glittery – Kacey Musgraves

A festive romantic country ballad about how your crush or love makes you feel happy – and glittery! With the percussion, it feels all snowy and love-filled!

Jess Suggests: First Christmas (That I Loved You) – Shameik Moore

A song about the moment you fall for someone & discover that true love actually exists after all. If you are looking for a warmhearted ballad to fill up your Christmas playlist then this is a song for you!

Eve Suggests: You Make it Feel Like Christmas – Gwen Stefani ft Blake Shelton

An upbeat happy Christmas number, I love how this song just makes me want to dance! It feels like those sparks of excitement you get when you first have a crush or fall for someone!

Jess Suggests: Not Just For Xmas – Wiktoria

An upbeat Christmas song that focuses on wanting your crush to notice you & hope they feel the same about you (Been there, done that). This track is full of festive feel-good cheer & is a song that you are going to want to hear!

Jess Suggests: Christmas Time This Year – Kyle Richardson

A festive ballad that focuses on wanting to spend Christmas with the one who holds your heart & hoping they feel the same way towards you.

Both Suggest: Kiss You This Christmas – Why Don’t We

Jess says: A beautiful ballad that captures your heart & parallel’s the butterflies you experience every time your crush is around.

Eve says: This is such a cute song and the boys are adorable (although it makes me feel super old!) they are like 5 Justin Biebers and I just love the sweetness of it all!


Jess suggests: Christmas Without You – Saara Aalto

A heartfelt ballad that reflects on the memories you share with someone who once held a special place within your heart & learning to move on from the pain they left behind.

Eve suggests: Loneliest Time of Year – Mabel

A song for those who struggle with loneliness during the holidays, Mabel’s song is about depression and sadness and how it’s really important to be kind to others. If you’re experiencing heartbreak, I’m sure you will also be able to resonate with these lyrics.

Jess suggests: Make It To Christmas – Alessia Cara

A mid-tempo song that focuses on a crumbling relationship that you hope can make it to one final Christmas before you part your separate ways.

Eve suggests: Christmas Lights – Coldplay

A bit of an oldie now, coming out nearly 10 years ago(!) but it’s about the holiday’s not feeling very Christmassy because of lost love. It’s about everyone around you having fun, and you just can’t feel it because of the pain of heartbreak.

Jess suggests: Last Christmas – WHAM!

A Christmas classic in its own right, “Last Christmas” focuses on learning to love again after someone you cared for deeply breaks your heart without a second thought. Despite its heartbreaking meaning, you will almost be guaranteed to be singing along every time you hear it.

Eve suggests: Santa Tell Me – Ariana Grande

This is a playful song from Ariana, all about being fed up of having rubbish relationships which don’t last. It’s a cheeky song which adds a happy spice to the fact that it’s actually about the fact that she keeps falling in love with no avail.

Jess suggests: Whoever He Is (Christmas Song) – New Hope Club

Seeing someone you love for fall someone else is a truly heartbreaking sight. This heartfelt ballad focuses on the rush of emotions we experience when trying to move on from someone who has captured our hearts but doesn’t know anything about it.

Eve suggests: Christmases When You Were Mine – Taylor Swift

A not-so-well-known song, this is Taylor from way back when (2011) and in true Taylor style, it’s about heartbreak around the holiday season. She feels lonely and is reminiscing to when she spent Christmas with her lost love.

Both Suggest: When Christmas Comes Around – Matt Terry

Jess says: One of my favourite Christmas songs of all time. This single talks about spending the first Christmas without the love of your life. It’s heartfelt lyrics instantly grab your attention & you feel instantly drawn into the emotive nature behind the song.

Eve says: I bloody love this song. Not normally a fan of the whole X Factor she-bang but this is a song which certainly resonates. Again, about the heartbreak of messing up a relationship and wanting to feel all loved up and Christmassy.

Reunited At Christmas

Jess suggests: All I Want (For Christmas) – Liam Payne

This heartfelt ballad focuses on the emotions we experience when yearning to reunite with the person we consider to be ‘the one’. A song that will certainly pull at your heartstrings.

Eve suggests: Snow In California by Ariana Grande

Many of us which that we could have longer with our loved ones at Christmas and Ariana’s modern classic really highlights being reunited and not wanting to separate again. A cute song about not needing gifts, just wanting more time with her loved one.

Jess suggests: Here For Christmas – Sophia Patsalides

This emotive ballad reflects on someone wondering if the person they love the most will be back for Christmas. The artist delivers a warmhearted vocal performance that captures the emotive nature behind the lyrics.

Eve suggests: I’ll Be Home – Meghan Trainor

A sadder melodic song from Meghan, showing her versatile range. It’s the promise of being home for Christmas, after being apart for so long.

Both suggest: Underneath The Tree – Kelly Clarkson

Jess says: An uptempo song that will have you dancing along from the first few seconds of listening. This song focuses on wanting to re-connect with someone again over the festive period because it makes you rediscover the things that originally brought you together.

Eve says: Genuinely feel compelled to get up and start dancing whenever I hear this song – BAM straight into the up-tempo beat. All about how Christmas is fabulous now she’s found the love of her life. Her love is the best gift of all!

Both suggest: One I’ve Been Missing – Little Mix

Jess says: A feel-good festive song about the hope of reuniting with somebody who hold’s a special piece of your heart. A magical song that you could listen to on repeat for hours on end!

Eve says: A lovely wishful and longing song about reuniting with a loved one at Christmas, cause you’ve missed them so much. Lovely tune and going to be a modern classic I reckon!

Both suggest: Christmas (Baby Please Come Home) – Michael Buble

Jess says: It would not be a Christmas playlist without a bit of Buble. This classic song talks about wanting a former flame to come back into your life over the holidays.

Eve says: ahhh yes a bit of bubbles! Love him, he’s a Christmas staple now, isn’t he? Love this song, it has the snowy feel, Christmassy tone and simply makes you want to be with your loved one!

Dedicated To Your True Love

Eve suggests: Kissin’ By The Mistletoe by Aretha Franklin

An absolute corker from the queen Aretha herself, this is a classic naughty song which puts a smile on your face! Who doesn’t love a bit of mistletoe!

Jess suggests: Every Christmas Day – Saara Aalto

A catchy uptempo number that will have you dancing along in no time. This single features feel-good energy that focuses on spending the holidays with someone you love with all of your heart.

Eve suggests: What Christmas Means To Me – John Legend, Steve Wonder

Listening to this song just reminds me of Christmas, it’s jolly and upbeat with the familiar percussion which sounds snowy to me! Just makes me think of when you’re so happy in love that nothing can change how you feel.

Jess suggests: Feels Like Christmas – Jonas Brothers

This song reflects the heartfelt joy of spending Christmas day with the person you want to spend the rest of your life with & how they make every day feel like Xmas.

Eve suggests: My Gift Is You – Gwen Stefani

All about love, we don’t need material things, just love and that is enough! A lovely tune which feels reminiscent of a swinging sixties song – it’s just about wholesome true love, at one of the most romantic times of the year.

Both suggest: Christmas C’mon – Lindsey Stirling & Becky G

Jess says: A fun & feel-good song. Lindsey & Becky bring us a vibrant-festive performance that focuses on the joy of spending the festive season with the love of your life. A highly recommended anthem!

Eve says: Oh my old flatmate will be loving me right now, he loves Lindsey Stirling! Such a good little tune, with the prominence on the violin which is lovely too! Really festive, love feel to this one!

Both suggest: All I Want For Christmas Is You – Mariah Carrey

Jess says: One of the biggest Xmas songs of all time. “All I Want For Christmas Is You” is an all-time romantic Christmas classic that brings the feel-good factor every time you hear it.

Eve says: An absolute banger of a classic, who doesn’t like this Mariah tune? It’s one of the first songs which strings to mind when I think Christmas – and it’s not one that can be missed at this time of year!

Both suggest: One More Sleep – Leona Lewis

Jess says: An uptempo song that you can’t help but sing out loud every time you hear it. This catchy number highlights the emotions of spending Christmas with the love of your life.

Eve says: Ahh this is a good ‘un isn’t it! I’m hearing this more and more every year, and really like it! Just one more sleep til your loved one is coming home – just a lovely song bringing a happy tempo to an otherwise impatient time!

Love Yourself At Christmas

Jess suggests: Jolly To The Core – Descendants Cast

A fun & vibrant take on the Disney classic “Rotten To The Core”, this song sprinkles a little bit of festive cheer to help you look towards all the joys this time of year can bring.

Eve suggests: Sam Smith – Have Yourself A Very Merry Christmas

A slow melodic song, I think Sam Smith is great anyway but this rendition of a classic soothe the soul and is all about having a merry Christmas and enjoying the time overall.

Jess suggests: Everybody Loves Christmas – Laura Marano

This catchy single focuses on rediscovering the joy of spending the holidays with yourself or someone you love. I can almost guarantee that you will be dancing along from the first few seconds of listening.

Eve suggests: Grown-Up Christmas List – Jordan Smith

A proper heart wrencher, this song is not all about self-love but about how as adults we want so much more for the world than what we picture when we’re children. It’s about opening our eyes to the madness around us and trying to help. It adds more meaning to Christmas than just the buying presents.

Jess suggests: Shake Up Christmas – Train

A memorable song that will have you singing along from the very first listen, this single focuses on sharing joy to everyone around you.

Both suggest: Count On Christmas – Bebe Rexha

Jess says: An uptempo feel-good song full of nostalgia, this song reflects on Christmases spent with loved ones & how you would not change it for the world.

Eve says: I really like this song and only really discovered it recently! Classic Bebe sound with that festive feel – the tambourine going and makes you feel all about how Christmas, no matter how you feel, there is nothing like coming home.

Both suggest: That’s Christmas To Me – Pentatonix

Jess says: A sentimental look at what Christmas means to each of us & reflecting on the memories of the Christmases have passed. You will instantly find yourself feeling lost within this heartfelt ballad.

Eve says: Pentatonix are so amazing. This song feels super Christmassy and the acapella just makes it feel even more wholesome. A lovely slow nostalgic song, it brings you right back to Christmas and how you have your own traditions and childhood memories.

You can find the full playlist below.

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