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Review: Lindsey Stirling Releases The Brand New Album “Artemis”!

Critically acclaimed and multi-award winning electronic violinist Lindsey Stirling has released her fifth studio album ‘Artemis’!

Greatly inspired by anime, Lindsey crafted an album-wide concept with the new release centred around Artemis, who in ancient Greek mythology serves as the goddess of the moon.

This album features 13-tracks that are heavily influenced by Lindsey’s unique & enchanting musical style.

Each track highlights a different factor behind Lindsey’s individuality as an artist, which creates an automatic connection between yourself & the music.

The way that each song features a mystical & magical element that tells a story, that you find yourself feeling lost within, is a true statement to the creativity that this artist features deep within her musical spirit. 

Lindsey has delivered another breathtaking album that showcases the heartfelt nature that this gifted artist possesses, alongside the creative passion that we have come to love from this musical sensation. I highly recommend giving this album a listen!

You can check out the full album on Spotify below.

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