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Review: Amanda Jordan Releases The Brand New Single “Driving In The Dark”!

Canadian country recording artist Amanda Jordan has released the brand new single “Driving In The Dark”!

Speaking about her latest release, Amanda said “The very first time I drove to Nashville to write, my twin brother was accompanying me and telling me about how he loved to drive at night and into the sunrise. From there, the song grew”.

She continued “I wanted to create a happy musical energy that captures the euphoria one feels when you first fall in love and begin experiencing the world together. It’s something you can listen to as you drive along on a warm summer evening”.

Written alongside Phil Barton & Jason Matthews, this latest single highlights the purity behind Amanda’s angelic voice, & gives this talented artist the chance to deliver a heartfelt performance that you can’t help but fall in love with. 

The beauty behind Amanda’s voice help’s this artist to bring the passionate nature behind the lyrics to life, which help’s you to connect with the song from the first listen. 

You can check out “Driving In The Dark” below. 

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