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Review: Valerie Broussard & Galantis Join Forces For The Brand New Single “Roots”!

Dance/Electronic music sensation Valerie Broussard has teamed-up alongside Swedish production, songwriting & DJ duo Galantis to release the brand new single “Roots”!

This latest release focuses on the emotions you experience when you start to fall for someone who makes you want to settle down & start a life together.

The song features a mid-tempo dance track with a soulful element that help’s Valerie to deliver a heartfelt vocal performance, which allows you to connect with the song from the first listen.

This single has given both of these gifted musical acts a chance to express their creative talents, by delivering an incredibly catchy song that has the makings of hitting the top of the charts very shortly.

You can check out “Roots” on Spotify below.

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