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Review: Evangeline Eastwood Releases The Brand New Single “That Little Bit Higher”!

Upcoming music sensation Evangeline Eastwood has released the brand new single “That Little Bit Higher”!

This latest release focuses on the moment that you start falling in love with somebody who also returns that emotion & feeling inspired & empowered by having them in your life.

The single highlights Evangeline’s passion that underlines her incredible voice & gives a little something extra to the story behind the lyrics, which helps to capture your attention from the first few listens of this song.

The tender qualities behind this talented artist voice beautifully reflects the raw emotive narrative that carries through the entire duration of this single & perfectly accompanies a captivating melody that highlights the genuine feeling behind the lyrics.

I also believe that while you are listening to this track, you can get a real sense of the creative talent behind this artist & get a real sense of what an exciting career she has in front of her.

You can check out “That Little Bit Higher” on Spotify below.

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