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Review: Sody Releases The Emotionally Inspiring Single “The Bully”!

Rising music sensation Sody has recently released the emotionally inspiring new single “The Bully”!

The song features a very powerful message to anyone who has ever tried to bring us down & destroy our own dreams, saying that even though you may have dealt us scares that may still be with us, we are still standing strong & hope that one day you are able to find happiness in something other than hate.

You can tell that this single connects with Sody on a deeply personal level, which strongly reflects in the way that Sody uses the tender tones behind her voice to create an instant connection from the first listen.

I believe that Sody has an incredible voice that is full of such pure passion & emotion that you can’t help but fall in love with it from the very first time that you hear it. I am now left asking myself ,why haven’t I heard this talented artist’s music before now?

Overall, I believe that this single features a truly inspiring message that I believe we all need to hear. I also feel that the way that Sody has delivered an emotive vocal performance through the duration of this track showcases what a creative musical gift she possesses. I would highly recommend giving this song a listen!

You can check out “The Bully” on Spotify below.

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