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Review: Taylor Swift & Brendon Urie Release The Brand New Single “ME!”!

With Taylor Swift leaving us little hints about something coming our way, we have been counting down the days to see what musical treat she had in store for us & now the wait is finally over!

Taylor Swift has now released her brand new single titled “ME!” featuring Panic! At The Disco’s Brendon Urie, which is a single dedicated to her true love, saying how despite all of her bad qualities, they will never find another one like her (You go, Taylor!).

The song symbolises how we should embrace ourselves for our own individuality & unique qualities & anyone who deeply cares for us will be able to see past our bad quality’s & not want to change who we are.

I feel that the single reflects the passionate & sassy undertones behind Taylor’s incredible voice, while also showcasing the fun & expressive vocals that Brendon possesses.

The single perfectly combines both of these talented artists musical style, while creating something completely eye-catching & compelling, which will have you wanting to listen to this song on repeat for days (I know I will!).

Overall, I believe that this track perfectly defines a brand new era in Taylor’s life & builds a strong foundation for another worldwide album sensation from this creative artist. I can’t wait to see what Taylor has in store for us in the near future!

You can check out the official video for “ME!” below

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