10 Country Musicians You Should Be Looking Out For In 2018!

10 country singers to look out for

Since I have been running this blog, I have found some amazingly talented country artists and fallen’ in love their music. So I thought that I would share with you 10 Country singers, who I think you should be looking out for!

We might be half way through 2018, but there is so much incredible music waiting to be discovered. So I thought that I would share with you some of the singers I think you should be keeping an eye on in the near future.

Please note, there are so many talented singers that I could have added to this list & I have no doubt in my mind that I will be making another list in the future to follow on from this one.

I hope you enjoy!


Not long ago, Jesslee released her brand new 7-track album ‘STRONG’, which I felt really showed what a strong and amazing voice that she has.

The reason I believe that Jesslee is an artist to look out for is a few simple ones, her voice & personality. In my opinion, I believe that Jesslee has such a unique and angelic voice, which really comes across within her music. Another thing with her music is that you feel her sweet and bubbly personality shine through the lyrics, which really helps you to connect deep within her music.

Canaan Cox

I must admit, I have only recently come across Canaan, but when I did I left myself with the question “Why have I not heard this guy’s music sooner!?”.

I can honestly say that after listening to his song “Out Of Nowhere” I have become a massive fan of Canaan. I sense that there is such music raw passion deep within his soul, which is just waiting to shine through within his music.

I can just see Canaan going very far with his music career, because he just has such an captivating emotional connection that shines through his music, and I can just see the world falling in love with his music!

Kirstie Kraus

In the not so distant past, Kirstie Kraus released her debut single “Delusional”, which I believe is the start of a great career in the music world.

After listening to Kirstie’s debut single, I just knew that this is the foundation of a very strong career in the music world. Her voice is so full of such energy and passion, which can only mean good things for this talented musician.

I can see Kirstie taking the charts by storm within the next few years. I believe it’s only a matter of time for this rising star!

Dustin Chapman

After recently listening to Dustin’s self-titled 4-track EP, I felt that I had to add him to this list.

For me, I believe that there is something within Dustin’s voice that really captures your attention from the first few seconds of his songs. You can feel that there is such an incredible songwriting talent within him. I can honestly see Dustin becoming a massive success as a singer/songwriter.

Ashley Taylor

Ashley Taylor has to be  one of the most cool singers on the planet. She has such an amazing voice, plus a really sweet personality to match!

I can see Ashley becoming such a huge star in the music world. Why? Well, she honestly has such an amazing voice, which shines on the songs that I have heard from her, plus I feel that with each song that she releases, you can tell that the song means something to her, which to me is the sign of a truly passionate artist. It won’t be long before she is taking the world by storm!

Jenny Tolman

A few months ago, I had the pleasure of coming across a song called “Something To Complain About” by Jenny Tolman & I just knew that this talented woman is going to be a star!

Jenny has such a pure and angelic voice, which really captures your attention from the moment that you hear it. I believe this song highlights the musical talent the Jenny possess, while also helping to create a statement to the type of artist that Jenny wants to become. You just know that she is going to go far!

Megan Golden

After hearing songs like “I Miss Missin’ You” & “Background Noise”, I just knew that there was something special about this talented country singer.

Megan always brings an emotional aspect within her music, while also showcasing her stunning voice. I believe that Megan is incredibly talented, and has such a bright future within the music industry.

Calah Delaney

Calah Delaney recently released her brand new 6-track EP ‘Take A Chance On Me’, which really showcases her musical style.

I believe that Calah has such an emotional and passionate voice, which strongly features within her music. I honestly believe with a passionate voice like Calah’s, there is honestly no telling what she could do!

Alex Stern

Alex Stern has one of those voice’s, which really captures your attention from the very first time that you listen.

When you hear songs like “Think About You” & “Dreamin'” you get the feeling that you are listening to a superstar in the making. This pop/country singer has such an amazing voice, which is full of such passionate energy. I just that it will only be a matter of time before we see Alex taking her place at the top of the charts!

Tenille Arts

Tenille has such an angelic voice, which truly reflects with the lyrics and energy of her songs.

When you listen to songs like “Moment Of Weakness”, you get a real taste of the true passion that features within Tenille’s voice, plus the passion that she continues to share in her music, truly shows what an incredible artist that she is. You just know that Tenille has such a bright future ahead of her.

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