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Review: Agnese Stengrevics Shines In Stunning Song “You Are My World”!

Photo: Agnese Stengrevics “You Are My World” Official Video.

With not long before Supernova 2018. I thought I would share with you reviews, from some of the songs taking part this year, and one song that will be taking part in this years contest is “You Are My World” by Agnese Stengrevics.

The song “You Are My World” will be performed by Agnese Stengrevics, and was written by Agnese herself, along with Helvijs Stengrevics.

The song for me is simply amazing. The way that the lyrics work in perfect sync with the melody behind the song, means you can easily tell that the lyrics have a deep meaning for Agnese. There is so much pure emotion deep within her vocals though the duration of the song, you will honestly find yourself getting lost within the song from the first time that you listen.

I think this song gives Agnese a chance to shine not only as a stunning vocalist, but as a truly stunning songwriter. You just know that she has a stunning music career ahead of her.

You can check out the official video for “You Are My World” below.


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