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Top 100 Songs Released In 2017 – Part Seven!

list seven

With 2017 almost coming to a close, I have been looking back at some amazing songs that have been release through the year with my top 100 songs from 2017 series, and today I bring you the next 10 songs to feature on that list!

Please note that this is just my opinion, and that these songs are not ranked in any order because all of these songs are amazing, which makes it pretty much impossible to rank them in any order.

Hope you enjoy!

Greta Salóme – My Blues

Greta has such a unique and beautiful voice, which really suits the song “My Blues” so perfectly.

I find myself always getting lost within Greta’s music as each song seems to features such a connecting meaning, and this is why I would recommended her music to anyone.

Zac Efron & Zendaya – Rewrite The Stars

I never knew how much I needed this duet it my life until this song was released!

The way that Zac & Zendaya harmonies work together is truly something, and I can’t help but keep this song on replay. With such pure emotion behind the meaning of this song you will honestly find yourself falling in love with this song from the very first listen.

P!nk – What About Us

Who else has to sing at the top of their voice every time that they hear this song? Come on, you know you do!

With a catchy melody & lyrics that make you want to sing them out loud no matter where you are (Sorry to the people at the bus stop!), you can’t help but easily fall in love with this song from the first moment you hear it.

Olly Murs & Louisa Johnson – Unpredictable

When Olly Murs announced he was releasing “Unpredictable” as a duet with Louisa Johnson I just knew I was going to la la love it!

The way their harmonies work together is quite something, and I really hope we see more duets from them in the future.

Lucie Jones – I Will Never Give Up On You

Lucie has one of the most angelic and stunning voices I have ever heard, and when you put such a stunning voice with a song like “Never Give Up On You”, you can’t help but love it.

One thing about me is that I am a massive Eurovision fan, and when Lucie won the selection to represent us at Eurovision this year I was so excited, and I honestly could not be prouder of her performance on the Eurovision stage. Yay Lucie!

Bella & Filippa – Crucified

They way that Bella & Filippa’s voice work together is truly something.

I honestly believe that “Crucified” gives a chance for these two’s voices to truly shine, and suits their musical style perfectly. I still can’t stop listening to this!

Taylor Swift – …Ready For It?

With this being one of the catchiest songs going at the moment. I feel that “…Ready For It?” is a great demonstration of Taylor Swift’s musical talent, and gives her vocals a real chance to shine.

Once you listen to this song for the first time, it really is hard to stop!

Chloe Adams – Never Been Kissed

Chloe Adams is a very talented musician and has such an amazing career ahead of her, and when you listen to songs like “Never Been Kissed” it’s not hard to see why.

Chloe’s songs always get easily stuck inside your head, and this song is no different.  With a catchy melody and lyrics you will find yourself listening to this song for days on end. You can thank me later!

Lindsey Stirling & Becky G – Christmas C’mon

With Christmas only a few days away, of course I had to feature a Christmas song on this list!

The way that Lindsey and Becky work together on this track is truly amazing. I can’t help but feel all Christmassy every time I have listened to this song, and with Christmas not far away, this song will be stuck on replay for the next few days for sure!

Kesha – Praying

This song has to be one of the most inspiring and powerful songs that I have ever heard in my life.

The way that Kesha brings so much raw and powerful emotion into one song is truly breath taking, and shows what a talented musician she really is. I honestly can’t help but get tears in my eyes every time that I hear this song

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