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Review: Cimorelli Releases Stunning Song “If It Isn’t You”!

if it isnt you cimorelli

Cimorelli are getting ready for the release of their brand new album “Sad Girls Club”, and if there brand new song “If It Isn’t You” is anything to go by, we are all in for a real treat!

With the album “Sad Girls Club” set to be released very soon, the build up has got many fans (including myself) really excited, and with the audio  for “If It Isn’t You” being released, I am jumping with excitment (Who’s with me?)!

The song has such an emotional meaning behind it, and really draws you in with the very touching story. I believe in some way, we can all connect with it, in are own way.

The melody is so touching, and let’s the emotional lyrics shine, along with the magical harmony of Cimorelli’s vocals. This song is just stunning!

You can check out “If It Isn’t You” below.

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