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Bea Miller Drops Official Video For “Warmer”!

Photo: Bea Miller “Warmer” Official Video.

Bea Miller has just dropped the official video for “Warmer” & trust me you are going to want to check this out!

If you are already familiar with Bea Miller’s music (If not, where have you been?) you will know that Bea has been releasing EP’s in preperation for her album release in November. Today, was the final video from her second EP Chapter Two: Red, which was “Warmer”.

The official video for “Warmer” leads on from “Buy Me Diamonds”, with a new love intrest for Bea searching for each other, but they keep on looking in the wrong places. Spoiler alert, in the end they manage to find each other, wahoo! (sorry if you have not seen it yet!).

In my opinion I believe this is a perfect video for the song, as it really does tell you a story behind the lyrics & in a way helps you connect with the song even more. Brilliant job by Bea & her team!

You can check out the official video below.

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