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Review: Molly Kate Kestner Releases New Song “It’s You”!

Molly Kate Kestner It's You
Photo: Molly Kate Kestner “It’s You” YouTube.

For me Molly Kate Kestner is one of the greatest female vocalists and is simply a star, and “It’s You” certainly showcases Molly’s amazing talent.

If you have listened to any of Molly’s previous songs, you will certainly know what emotion she brings to her songs & how listening to them can honestly bring tears to your eyes. I can say with some confidence that “It’s You” is no different.

The song is simply full of emotion, and showcases Molly’s incredible and beautiful voice. The song certainly made made me tear up a little bit (I feel you judging me) & I honestly can not stop listening to this, it simply is incredible.

You can check “It’s You” out below!