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Review: Isabell Otrebus Releases “Voiceless”!

Photo: Isabell Otrebus “Voiceless” YouTube Video.

With not long till Krajowe Eliminacje 2017. Ten talented acts are getting ready for their chance to represent Poland in the Eurovision Song Contest 2017, and one of the acts taking part is Isabell Otrebus, with the song “Voiceless”.

I am going to be honest right now, this song honestly made me cry the first time I listened to it. The lyrics are very heart warming, and like I said I could not help but shed a few tears the first time I heard it.

The lyrics and melody are simply stunning and relate to us all in some way. And I think the emotion of them just draw you in even more.

I simply thank Isabell, Fredrik Kempe & David Kreuger for this masterpiece.  It’s simply amazing!

You can check out the song below!