About Me

Hey guys!

So, my name is Jess. I’m a 21-year-old blogger, who has been born and raised in Bristol, United Kingdom.

A few little facts about me. A few of my favourite things in life are Music, TV, Blogging & Wrestling.

About Fierce & Fabulous Revolution

I have run several blogs in the past, but after some time away from blogging I knew that I wanted to create a brand new blog, So on the 24th September 2016 the Fierce & Fabulous Revolution was born.

The name ‘Fierce & Fabulous Revolution’ was inspired by a number of different factors. One factor behind the name is the WWE Womens Revolution. Why? Well, I find that the Womens revolution a very empowering thing to watch, and shows that no matter who you are, you can beat the odds, which is a very strong motto I try to live by. Another thing I live by is to try & keep a fierce determination in trying to reach my goals in live, but also do it in a way were I stay true to myself. So together, that created the title Fierce & Fabulous Revolution.

The content of my blog is a whole of variety of things. From Music, Reviews, Interviews, Wrestling, & much more. You will never be sure what you will see next!

One thing you may have noticed about my blog is that I never post anything negative. The reason behind this is a simple one. I just don’t believe in spending time writing negative articles about people. Why waste the time you have by writing about how much you hate something?

The main focus behind Fierce & Fabulous Revolution, is to show you guys my interests, and one day I hope to help inspire others to follow their dreams (Cliché I know, but that is just what I want to do). So have a look around my blog and hopefully there will be something you like. Take care!