About Me…



Let me introduce myself….

My name is Jess, I’m 22-years-old, and I’m from Bristol, United Kingdom. I have a real passion for anything music related, TV, movies, YouTube, and unicorns!

How did Fierce & Fabulous Revolution come together?

The Fierce & Fabulous Revolution was created on the 24th September 2016. Since then the main goal has been to bring you some of my personal favourite songs and artists from the music world.

From time to time, I also bring you blog posts about TV, films, and wrestling. However, the main focus has always been music.

I love sharing my passion for music, and helping to promote the current and future generation of music. I spend my spare time searching through the internet for the latest releases, and then will share some of my personal favourites with you guys.


Here are a few of the time’s that Fierce & Fabulous Revolution post’s has been mentioned.