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REVIEW: St. Humain & SOIN Release The New Single “Dial Tones (발신음)”!

Sydney-based genre-agnostic musician St. Humain releases the brand new version of “Dial Tones (발신음)”, featuring Seoul-based artist SOIN.

St Humain’s latest EP ‘METADRAMATIC’ speaks full volumes through a host of emotionally expressing tracks that carry a personal twist. 

The EP conveys the feelings faced when it comes to a variety of relationships (personally or romantically). During the EP, St Humain explores an intersection between pop, electronic, & R&B. 

This latest release is a Korean duet/remix of the final track “Dial Tones (발신음)”, featuring SOIN after their encounter through mutual connections. 

The song talks about regret when it comes to love. The reminiscing of times passed & not necessarily desiring to refind that spark but wanting to know your former romance is okay.

This release speaks volumes of raw emotion that bring you a sense of guiding comfort on a naturally binding level. Each verse carries a key factor that makes this magically portraying composition unique & provides an artistic style that’s impactful.

The track carries a vocal collaboration that highlights the enchanting intensity within their sharply individual & captivating vocals & creates a mirroring echo of the emotion that reflects the journey of this lyrically exuding song. 

You can check out “Dial Tones (발신음)” on Spotify below or via more platforms here.

St Humain: Website / Facebook / Twitter / Instagram.

SOIN: Instagram.

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