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REVIEW: Kiana Corley Releases The New Single “Young & Wild”!

Emerging singer-songwriter Kiana Corley has unveiled her latest musical release in the form of “Young & Wild”!

This latest release features a soulful R&B influenced instrumental that echoes the pure passion-filled elements of Kiana’s angelic vocal harmonies.

The lyrical aspect within this musical piece focuses on how your late teens & 20s can be so freeing yet frustrating at the same time, which is brought to centre stage by the majestic, yet impactful instrumental that courses throughout this song.

Kiana delivers a stunning vocal performance that echoes the emotional soul of the song & showcases the unique characteristics within her outstanding vocals.

You can check out “Young & Wild” on Spotify below or listen via Apple Music here.

Kiana Corley: Facebook / Instagram.

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