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Review: Lucy Blu Set To Release The Brand New Single “Shine”!

Independent UK singer-songwriter Lucy Blu draws inspiration from a variety of diverse musical genres to create a uniquely memorable sound, which has swiftly caught the attention of music enthusiasts around the globe.

Following on from the recent success of “All This Time”, Lucy now looks to capture the hearts of music lovers once again with the upcoming carefree anthem “Shine” on April 30th.

This forthcoming single features an ear-catching country-pop musical instrumental that exquisitely echoes the feel-good lyrical components of this powerfully engaging musical piece.

Lucy delivers a superbly prominent performance that symbolises the lyrical character of this track & highlights the natural beauty within her angelic vocals.

I believe this song highlights the uniquely charismatic energy that Lucy possesses & I would not be surprised if we see this song creating some immense waves following its release.

You can pre-order “Shine” by clicking here.

Lucy Blu: Website / Facebook / Twitter / Instagram.

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