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Review: Hayley Biegel Releases The Brand New Single “What You Forgot”!

New York-based singer-songwriter Hayley Biegel is aiming to capture the hearts of global music lovers through her raw & heartfelt lyrical creativity & empowering harmonies.

Hayley’s music features a variety of movingly sentimental notions that expresses stories about failed love, queer love, & navigating your twenties.

Now, Hayley is looking to once again move listeners with the emotional new single titled “What You Forgot”.

Speaking about her latest release, Hayley said “This has been a crazy year, to say the least. Mental health struggles have been so much more prevalent and it’s just like…hard to get through the day sometimes, to put it honestly.”

She continued “I wrote “what you forgot” when I was reckoning with the death of a beautiful young woman in my life. She was fiery and full of the brightest spirit, but she had a lot of demons that kept her from remembering her beauty and the beauty of the world around her.

“I feel like the phrase “what you forgot” is referring to all of the good qualities about yourself and all the things that you love about the world which slip away from you when you’re trying to keep the darkness at bay. I wrote this song to explore the duality of being strong and vulnerable in the face of adversity. Fierce and soft. It’s ok if it’s too much sometimes, it’s ok if you need a break. You’re not alone.”

This latest release features a delicately moving musical instrumental that reflects the raw notion behind the lyrical aspect of this heart-touching musical piece.

Hayley delivers a passionate vocal performance that expresses the natural textures within her beautiful vocals & highlights the phenomenally delicate essence behind this song

I believe that Hayley possesses a truly heartwarming musical gift that is full of pure natural wonder & it would be of no surprise to see this artist making tremendous waves within the music scene very shortly

You can check out “What You Forgot” on Spotify below or purchase on iTunes here.

Hayley Biegal: Website / Facebook / Instagram.

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