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Review: Melotika Set To Release The Brand New Single “Bury The Bones”!

Rising singer/songwriter Melotika is set to release the brand new single “Bury The Bones” on February 18th 2020!

This upcoming release is a dark-eclectic blend of Synth Pop and Alternative Rock produced by Toronto artist Sean Savage.

Speaking about her forthcoming single, Melotika said “This song does not shy away from controversy. As a society, we have a “weird obsession with psychopaths, murder and lust”. It is a creative take on these subjects from the perspective of an individual with an unsettling mind.”

This song showcases the unique & charismatic textures within this talented artist’s stand-out vocals, which help’s Melotika to deliver a performance that highlights the haunting & mysterious undertones that flow within the energy behind the song.

Melotika vocals take centre stage throughout this release, which allows listeners the chance to see more from the artist behind the music.

This single will be a true statement to this artist’s musical style & will continue to showcase her growth as an artist.

Until the release of “Bury The Bones”, you can find Melotika on Spotify below.





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