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Review: Camila Cabello Releases The Brand New Single “Cry For Me”!

Musical sensation Camila Cabello has released the brand new single “Cry For Me” in the lead-up to her forthcoming album ‘Romance’.

Co-written alongside Ryan Tedder, Lou Bell and Frank Dukes, and produced by Bell and Dukes. This latest release focuses on the frustration & hurt you experience when someone who you once loved doesn’t shed a tear about the relationship coming to an end.

Camila displays an alluring & sassy vocal performance that perfectly reflects the heartfelt energy that surrounds the lyrics behind this new release.

The passionate performance that Camilla delivers throughout this latest track help’s to showcases the emotive & heartbreaking energy that lines the undertone behind the lyrics, which help’s you to engage more with the song itself.

You can check out “Cry For Me” on Spotify below.

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